Are You A Good Interviewer?

Posted: 16/08/2018 by Alan Claire - Recruitment Services Director

Technology is having a profound effect on most, if not all industries, and this does not look like changing anytime soon. Working in recruitment for over 15 years, I have heard “Recruitment Agencies will be dead in 5 years” on many occasions. Some of my more esteemed peers have written numerous articles on why this […]

Find the Best by Being the Best

Posted: 18/06/2018 by Cox Purtell

Australian businesses, for the most part, are currently operating in a candidate driven job market. This makes it more important than ever for Australian companies to build skilled, loyal workforces. LinkedIn statistics indicate that identifying and recruiting highly skilled talent is the top priority for companies, followed closely by improving the quality of hires. Yet, […]

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Posted: 11/05/2018 by Monique Chua - Client Engagement Director

Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace affects everything – candidate and customer attraction; retention; productivity. In many ways the workplace is a microcosm of broader society, and society is changing. Gone are the days of strict 9-5pm, following the company line, then home to start it all again. We al have an idea of what […]

Career Education Needs to be a Priority!

Posted: 27/04/2018 by Yasmin Hirst - Recruitment Specialist

As a Secondary Teacher turned Recruiter, I am well-aware of how the decisions we make in our youth can influence the paths we take in our future. I frequently speak with junior candidates and recent Graduates who have no idea when it comes to career aspirations, and I strongly believe this is due to a […]

It’s Time To See The Value of Onboarding

Posted: 14/04/2018 by Mia Lazzarini - Brand & Marketing Manager

workmates; you’ve broken your usual morning routine because you had to take a different train/bus/car route; you’re nervous about making new friends; you’re wondering if you can do the job; you’re wondering you’ve made the right choice. These are just a few of the things that make starting a new job nerve-wrecking, if not outright […]

We Know Feedback is Valuable, So Why Are We Skipping It?

Posted: 13/04/2018 by Cox Purtell

Recruitment can be difficult when not receiving detailed interview feedback (or any for that matter) from clients, and also from candidates. Being the ‘middle man’ recruiter is a struggle when we are trying to provide a great service to our clients and candidates but honestly don’t have any information to give! Why is it then […]

What Motivates Your Employees

Posted: 03/04/2018 by Mia Lazzarini - Brand & Marketing Manager

Motivation is a psychological feature that drives people toward a desired goal, and sustains goal directed behaviours. Knowing what motivates your employees is the first step toward creating a happier, more productive, healthier work environment and culture. Figuring this out however, isn’t easy. The Importance of Motivation Motivation is the driving force behind productivity, passion, […]


Posted: 26/03/2018 by Cox Purtell

Calling all employees and employers! If I had a dollar for every time I heard “to be honest though…” ¾ of the way into a placement… It doesn’t do anyone (client or candidate) any good to ‘beat around the bush’ or ‘paint the ideal picture’. So, let’s be honest about your wants, needs, salary expectations, […]