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This is why it’s so difficult to build a group of consistently high performers. Traditional recruitment processes focus on the candidate, but don’t challenge the client’s view of the job role, or apply rigorous techniques to defining the factors required to be successful in it.

The Problem: Technology isn’t delivering value, there is a large variability in employee performance and hiring managers don’t accurately identify the competencies that high performers possess and so perpetuate the status-quo.

The Impact, Path and Outcome

Businesses suffer from poor productivity, excessive cost of finding high-performers, and weak retention.

Cox Purtell Ability Map

The path must objectively measure high-performance requirements of BOTH the person and job, quickly and cost-effectively. When deployed at the “front-end” of the recruitment process, it will engage millennial, Y, X & Boomer generational requirements.

The outcome to your business is higher employee productivity, substantial cost savings, improved retention and more satisfied team members.

The Ability Map™ Job Fit profile has been developed by Cox Purtell’s partner, Ability Map™ and is used to facilitate establishment of a competency profile for specific roles within an organisation using the subject matter expertise from individuals who are intimately familiar with the requirements for success in each role. The framework is based on 31 defined competencies.

On completion of the tool by designated subject matter experts, we analyse and consolidate the results into an AbilityMap™ Job Profile and this forms the basis for our search and selection. In addition, through further psychometric assessment, we can improve our matching of candidates to the competency profile.

So far there have been programs delivered to 33 clients and 1,300 candidates across a variety of industries. Refinements have been incorporated and the result is that Ability Map™ objectively matches people & jobs on the same performance parameters.

P (person) objectively measured across one competency framework.

E (environment) objectively measured across same competency framework.

Ability Map™:

  • Delivers an objective match, consistent results & higher return on human capital acquisition investment.
  • Identifies the high-performance competencies that lead to success in any role.
  • Identifies those who best fit and the degree of fit.
  • Identifies training areas.
  • Identifies those who are misplaced and other roles to which they would best suited.
  • Revolutionises recruiting by focusing on “fit” against star performer competencies.
  • Establishes a High-Performance Job Profile.
  • Assess proven high achievers or generate via a number of subject matter experts.
  • Assesses candidates and identifies the highest objective match for the job.

Reports Available

  • Feedback reports available on completion of assessment.
  • Immediate feedback to candidates.
  • Candidate ranking reports.
  • Ranking of applicant suitability for any role.
  • Job matching reports.
  • Detailed record of an individual’s fit for a particular role.
  • Interview/training recommendations specific to the requirements of the role.