Checking in on Reference Checks

Posted: 12/11/2018 by James Purtell - Managing Director

As a recruiter, reference checks should be a daily part of our recruitment lives. They are an essential multi-purpose activity with numerous potential payoffs. I look at it as 2 calls in 1. What You Have to Gain From one call, you might generate a new client, a new candidate, a new job listing, a […]

A Note to Those in the Insurance Industry

Posted: 07/11/2018 by Cox Purtell

I know I’m not the only one who repeatedly states, “it’s not as boring as you think!” when telling someone about the insurance industry. Like most people I have met within the industry, I ‘fell’ into a career in insurance. I had been working in an unrelated industry and decided I wanted to work within […]

The Truth About Well-Being At Work

Posted: 31/10/2018 by Cox Purtell

October 10th was World Mental Health Day, and a great opportunity for organisations to take a good look at themselves and ask, “what are we doing to promote employee well-being in our workplace?” The Reality of Our Lives Between rapid technological advancement and the standard of perfection set by social media, it’s easy to place […]

Thoughts of a Rookie Recruiter

Posted: 23/10/2018 by Cox Purtell

Recruitment is a tricky game. It’s a balance of highs and lows, successes and disappointment, brilliant plans that crumble, and situations working out better than you could have expected. Tricky. But among it all, recruitment is interesting and exciting! You meet people and hear their stories; they make you want to laugh, a few make […]

Cox Purtell – Best Employer Brand 2018

Posted: 22/10/2018 by Mia Lazzarini - Brand & Marketing Manager

Earlier this month, we were honoured to be receive The Global Recruiter’s Best Employer Brand award. We work really hard to communicate our story & values with our clients and candidates (both potential and current), so it’s great to hear that it’s paying off! Moreover, every single person at Cox Purtell has contributed to this […]

8 Top Tips for Temps

Posted: 15/10/2018 by Lizzie Ritchie - Team Leader

Temp work is on the rise – from working holiday makers, to return to work mums, and candidates looking to fill a gap. But before you delve into the world of temping, make sure you are ready!   1. Be Available Most temp roles that come through are last minute, which means you need make […]

You’re Not Successful Because You Sleep Too Much

Posted: 05/10/2018 by Mia Lazzarini - Brand & Marketing Manager

There’s a slew of celebrities and entrepreneurs that claim they found success after dedicating every waking minute to their careers; severely limiting their time for sleep. The natural conclusion then, is that the rest of us plebs are less successful because we sleep too much, right? Let’s look at some well known examples: Marissa Mayer, […]

Are You A Good Interviewer?

Posted: 16/08/2018 by Cox Purtell

Technology is having a profound effect on most, if not all industries, and this does not look like changing anytime soon. Working in recruitment for over 15 years, I have heard “Recruitment Agencies will be dead in 5 years” on many occasions. Some of my more esteemed peers have written numerous articles on why this […]

Find the Best by Being the Best

Posted: 18/06/2018 by Cox Purtell

Australian businesses, for the most part, are currently operating in a candidate driven job market. This makes it more important than ever for Australian companies to build skilled, loyal workforces. LinkedIn statistics indicate that identifying and recruiting highly skilled talent is the top priority for companies, followed closely by improving the quality of hires. Yet, […]