At Cox Purtell, we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer.

We were founded by two women in 1994, a time when parents, particularly return-to-work mothers, had limited working options. Flexible working wasn’t a thing, working from home was non-existent, and returning to work as a mother often meant taking several steps backwards career-wise. Jill Cox and Elisabeth Purtell opened Cox Purtell’s doors, not only to provide exceptional recruitment services, but also to give themselves a greater degree of control over their careers and home-life balance.

Today, we endeavour to expand on this great start to our business and promote greater diversity & inclusion, both internally and with our clients.

Diversity & inclusion at Cox Purtell isn’t just about meeting quotas either – we understand that a diverse team will outperform their less-diverse peers and have higher productivity, creativity, and retention rates.