Our quick start program is an exciting opportunity for candidates to get to know some of our clients and to broaden their experience in a variety of different industries and environments.

What do Cox Purtell use Quick Starts for?

The Quick Starts program is for our star temps who will have the opportunity to pick up short-term shifts at their convenience. These may begin as one-day shifts, however it is not uncommon for these roles to extend out further into longer temp assignments or even permanent opportunities.

It is important to remember that we ALSO use this list for our first reference point for any other assignments (including permanent and contract) that may come throughout the day. These are the people that we know are available to start immediately, and so we will contact the temps on this list prior to others. This program is a great way for our temps to gain the most work on a regular basis.

What happens when I’m on the list?

We will call you most evenings to check in with you and determine your availability for the following day. Once you have verbally agreed to be on our Quick Starts list, we will pop you onto an internal call sheet and we will contact you the following morning as and when roles come through. We will call you and explain the details of the role, and from there you will make your way to the client’s offices, ready to start work. Each day you are on the Quick Start list, you must:

  • Be awake and ready to answer any calls from 7:00 AM onwards. Keep in mind that it is likely to be later, however it is first come first served and temps must have their phones accessible.
  • Be prepared to travel in some situations. We try to tailor the work to your location, however sometimes it is not always possible and you may have to travel within reason.
  • Always arrive promptly and ready to work. It will vary on a case by case basis, however please do your best to arrive promptly.
  • Always be presentable and professional; as you are representing Cox Purtell, please ensure that you are always presented well with a blazer/stockings (if required) and with appropriate hair and makeup. If you are a smoker, we ask that you do not smoke prior to starting your shift as we want you to provide the best possible first impression.

What types of roles will I be placed in?

Our Quick Starts program is predominantly for business support positions, for example reception cover, administration support and personal/team support positions. It varies on a case by case basis, however these are the roles that we primarily look after with this program.

What are the benefits of this program?

This program has a number of benefits including:

  • A chance for you to be out in the workforce and keeping your skill set in use.
  • The opportunity to work with our extensive client base.
  • A chance to work within different industry sectors and to meet new people.
  • Gain recognition and seasonal goodies for your hard work through our “Temp Of The Month” award.
  • It is a great way to earn some extra money.
  • It keeps you busy and front of mind for any roles that we have come through!