Thoughts of a Rookie Recruiter

Posted: 23/10/2018 by Cox Purtell

Recruitment is a tricky game. It’s a balance of highs and lows, successes and disappointment, brilliant plans that crumble, and situations working out better than you could have expected. Tricky. But among it all, recruitment is interesting and exciting! You meet people and hear their stories; they make you want to laugh, a few make […]

Where Did All The Good Candidates Go?

Posted: 22/02/2018 by Cox Purtell

As a recruiter, there are so many occasions on which you find your perfect candidate – “the one”, “the unicorn”, “the cream of the crop”. You can see the dollar bills rolling in, you’ve done the impossible, you’re the best recruiter ever! …and then they cancel on you, 10 minutes before the interview with your […]