Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Posted: 11/05/2018 by Monique Marten - Client Engagement Director

Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace affects everything – candidate and customer attraction; retention; productivity. In many ways the workplace is a microcosm of broader society, and society is changing. Gone are the days of strict 9-5pm, following the company line, then home to start it all again. We al have an idea of what...

Career Education Needs to be a Priority!

Posted: 27/04/2018 by Cox Purtell

As a Secondary Teacher turned Recruiter, I am well-aware of how the decisions we make in our youth can influence the paths we take in our future. I frequently speak with junior candidates and recent Graduates who have no idea when it comes to career aspirations, and I strongly believe this is due to a...

Women: Like Men, But Cheaper?

Posted: 16/11/2015 by Cox Purtell

Mention the gender pay gap. Cue a variety of reactions – passionate debate, eye rolls, frustration, and disinterest.