How To Be The Little Engine That Could

Posted: 23/09/2014 by Cox Purtell

Apparently people with fixed mindsets are less likely to persevere and more likely to give up than those who have developed growth mindsets.

The Acquisition of Exercise

Posted: 04/04/2014 by Cox Purtell

Exercise has been hyped up to be a cure for nearly everything in life, from focus, to stress relief and sleep patterns, but it has never really been a focus of mine – until now.

Guru Hunting

Posted: 19/02/2014 by Cox Purtell

We all crave and seek it out mentorship from somewhere or someone. Who are your sources and are they correctly experienced, upfront and forthcoming?

In The Essence of St Valentine

Posted: 14/02/2014 by Cox Purtell

A small amount of positive affirmation goes a long way in building strong work relationships with your peers.

Paying It Forward

Posted: 06/02/2014 by Cox Purtell

The essence of good business for some is repeat business. This is definitely “warm” and to be sought after. The best business though, is referral business.

Positive Professional Karma

Posted: 28/01/2014 by Cox Purtell

How you treat your business partner and any one you come across at any time throughout your career will eventually come back and have an impact in some way.

Waiting on the Edge of My Seat

Posted: 20/10/2013 by Cox Purtell

For some reason, public speaking is something that people really fear. Some say public speaking is feared more than death.