About Donna

Donna is a highly experienced recruitment executive with over 9 years’ experience, having started her professional recruitment career in 2009 with a well-known global firm in the UK.  Her seamless recruitment execution within various industries including multinationals, government, professional services and SME’s have had clients coming back for more.

Holding a unique role in the CP team, Donna leads a dedicated and quirky team of business support recruitment partners. Her positive and hard-working consulting style guarantees that herself and the team are always delivering best practice with a personal touch. Donna strives for perfection in all operational standards and on the skill to align the right people to the right culture and organisation.

With Donna what you see is what you get – Unless you see her on a plane. She is on her 4th passport! She has more stamps on her passports than a post office!



The information and coaching provided by Donna was extremely valuable and helped me reach my full potential. – Revena Kaddour

Donna was transparent, honest, and open about the role, client and synergy. Transparency, honesty, and authenticity are values I hold in my role as a PA/EA working with Executives and this engagement assisted efficiently to match a good fit with candiate and client and to achieve a long term successful outcome. – Romila

Donna Knight epitomises excellence in the recruitment process. – Maria