About Jason

Jason is a Tech Recruiter because his code is terrible. For close to 20 years, he has recruited developers on 3 continents & in 6 cities.

His primary area of expertise is software development; he’s well versed in modern Infrastructure as well as Cloud architecture. More importantly, he understands the difference between a weekend hobbyist and a professional software engineer.

Jason doesn’t believe in sales but rather focuses on service. He sees himself as an extension of your business’ brand in his dealings with possible candidates; he sees himself as a trusted advisor to developers & someone who wields influence for people rather than wielding it over people.

Before you give him a call, feel free to check out the referrals on his Linkedin profile.


I had interviews with many other recruitment agencies, but Cox Purtell was the first place to say “How can we help you get work?” and within a week or so, actively kept in contact with me and placed me in a temp role. It is refreshing and much appreciated to be with an agency that really does want the best for me. – Lynda Sanders