Welcome to Cox Purtell.

We are delighted to welcome you to our valued temporary & contract workforce. As a contractor, you are employed by Cox Purtell onsite at one of our clients who we partner with. Therefore, we want to ensure you receive the best payroll service & enjoy the highest standard of work place health and safety practices. 

Below you will find all the information you need while employed as a contractor with Cox Purtell. 

If you haven’t already, you should soon receive an email with login details to our online portal. From here you can enter your Tax File Number, superannuation fund, and bank details. 

Please ensure that you read & agree to declare your Tax File Number information. You can access and edit this information by clicking on the “Resume TFN Declaration” button under the “Tax & Super” tab.

If you haven’t already, you should soon receive an email with login details to our online portal. From here you can enter your Tax File Number, superannuation fund, and bank details. 

Please ensure that you read & agree to declare your Superannuation  information. You can access and edit this information by clicking on the “Resume TFN Declaration” button under the “Tax & Super” tab.

If you do not have a Superannuation Fund or do not enter your Fund information, your Super payments will automatically be transferred to Cox Purtell’s default Super Fund – Prime Super, which will create a new Super account for you.

You will be sent another email shortly with login details to Astute Payroll, where you can amend your details and submit your timesheet.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the details on your file are correct and your timesheet is completed by close of business each Friday and approved by 11am on a Monday morning, for timely payment.

Please ensure your bank details, Tax File Number, and Superannuation details are uploaded onto this system prior to your first pay.

Please note, you will not have access to your timesheet until your WorkPro and Referoo details are completed. It is therefore in your best interest to complete these ASAP

If you know that your timesheet approver will be out of office, please contact us with an alternative approver to ensure we can process your pay.

Off-Set Provision Clause: The pay rate quoted, where it is above the Modern Award minimum rate of pay, may also be used to absorb hours of overtime where overtime is worked or an allowance is to be paid under the modern award or provides for a transitional payment where there is a difference between the old award and new applicable Award. The exact number of hours that can be worked before overtime and meal allowance payments are applicable depend upon the award, the pay rate, the award level and also the working pattern of the candidate.

Please ensure that you enter your bank details correctly into the Astute portal. If you need to make any changes to them, you must do this yourself as we cannot do this on our end.

Payroll is processed every Monday and Tuesday afternoons after 2.00pm. Depending on who you bank with, your wages should be in your account at any time from then until midnight on that day.

If you do not submit and have your timesheet approved by this cut off, your pay will then be processed on the next pay run.

If you accrue any expenses in your temporary assignment, we will need written confirmation from your hiring manager that they are happy to pay expenses. If this is the case, you can enter these through the astute portal online. These will then be submitted to your manager for approval and once approved, will be paid into your next pay cycle.

It is law that you must take a 30 minute break for every 5 hours worked. If you haven’t been offered a break, please let us know immediately.

As your employer, should you experience any problems or have any questions while working in this assignment, please contact your consultant at Cox Purtell, not your supervisor at the company.  

Temp of the Month Reward Programme

We believe in rewarding excellence, which is why we started the Temp of the Month Programme. There are three awards that can be won each month – the Superstar Quickstart & Consultant’s choice for outstanding performance and the Successful Referral for every candidate you refer to us & we place! 

Each award is hand delivered by us and includes a $50 VISA Gift Card! 

See below for details on how to win.

We Value Your Feedback

As employees of Cox Purtell, we value your feedback, 

During your assignment with us, you may receive an email from our feedback platform, Recruiter Insider, requesting your feedback on how we did. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Job details provided 
  • Feedback/advice provided 
  • Interview preparation & timeframes
  • Overall suitability of role
  • Maintaining regular contact
  • WHS standards communicated
  • Advocating for your needs

We would greatly appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to review the services you have received in working with us so we can continue to improve our service to you. This review will come to you via email from Recruiter Insider directly and may appear in your inbox at any time during your placement. 

Please note that Recruiter Insider allows you to provide anonymous feedback should you wish. 


No. As a temporary employee, paid under an Award, you have a 25% casual loading added onto your hourly rate. Therefore you are not entitled to holiday leave or sick pay on any temp booking. If you do require leave you will need to provide Cox Purtell with two weeks’ notice whilst on assignment. Leave is approved based on our discretion and the needs of our clients that you are servicing. We recommend not taking leave on short assignments under 3 months.

  • Be contactable when you have indicated your availability for temp work
  • Commit to the entire length of any assignment that you begin, including extension
  • Present appropriately in corporate business attire at all times (blazer, dress, blouse, work pants, below the knee dresses/ skirts, stockings, small all black heels)
  • Being punctual and reliable will maximise the chance the client will ask you to stay longer in an assignment
  • Display acceptable behaviours at all times and keep in regular contact with your Recruitment Consultant

Temporary assignments vary in length. When you take on an assignment with Cox Purtell, we will provide you with an anticipated end date for the booking. There are, however, a number of factors which can cause the length of your assignment to increase or decrease – often at short notice. Whilst we will do our best to provide you with as much notice as possible, please be aware that we may require you to extend further, or finish your assignment sooner than anticipated.

You must notify your consultant or another member of the Cox Purtell team as early as possible. We will notify the client but appreciate you may wish to liaise directly with the client. As your employer, we request that you notify Cox Purtell in the first instance.


Have any questions? Below are our best contacts for any Temporary related matters. We don’t bite, we’re here to help.

Lizzie Ritchie
Team Leader

ph: 02 9220 3400
e: lizzier@coxpurtell.com.au

Mariah Ishak
Associate Consultant

ph: 02 9220 3400
e: mariahi@coxpurtell.com.au

Roisin Molloy
Associate Consultant

ph: 02 9220 3400
e: roisinm@coxpurtell.com.au